Make no compromises.

Velocity is a Minecraft server proxy with unparalleled server support, scalability, and flexibility.

Why will you benefit from Velocity?

Whether you plan to be a friends-only collection of servers or aiming to become the next big Minecraft server, you can trust Velocity to power your network.


It's so simple to set up.

You can set up Velocity in just a few minutes. No need to muck around with a bunch of different configuration files or install dubious plugins on your server.

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Make your server how you want it.

Velocity comes with excellent support for Paper, Sponge, and Minecraft Forge. We're also able to respond to Minecraft updates quickly, so you'll never have an excuse to not update.

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Secure by default.

Velocity comes with IP forwarding that is secure by default. Simply choose a secure password and put it in your server configurations. Help ward off griefers with hacked clients!

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